The North Challenger League was founded last October to provide an avenue for Challenger level teams to further their brands and compete with the best challenger teams in North America. Our first season saw LCS teams in Relegation dominate the league with Team Curse and Team Coast leading the league in regular season and with Coast ultimately winning the Season 1 Championship. Our second season evolved away from LCS teams and saw the accession of three future LCS teams, LMQ and Complexity Gaming for the Season 4 Summer Split and Team 8 for the Season 5 Spring Split.

As we approach our “Third” Season of broadcasting we have once again evolved as an organization and are pleased to finally announce details regarding our Winter Circuit. Not only are we expanding our pool of games but we have also partnered with an organization to conduct our broadcasts from. We are proud to announce that the 2014 North American Challenger League Winter Circuit will be broadcasted from the newly established AFK Gamer Lounge in San Jose, California. After many months of hard work we believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both organizations as we work to firmly establish ourselves in the E-Sports community.

As for the actual circuit, we will continue to broadcast League of Legends but will also be expanding to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Super Smash Bro. Melee, and DOTA 2. The official start dates for the tournament are contingent on construction finishing at AFK Gamer Lounge.

Registration will open for all games, with the exception of Smash, on October 2nd. Registration is open to anyone and everyone, please note there is a $100 registration fee per team.

We are very excited to have once again expanded our dedication to growing E-Sports in North America and believe that the moves we have made the past few months will only further these goals. Thank you to all of the viewers and competitors, we look forward to the exciting matches yet to come. Each league will range between 6-10 teams each, with the obvious exception being Smash.

2014 Winter Circuit Prize Pools
League of Legends: $15,000
Smite: $10,000
CS:GO: $10,000
HoTs: $10,000
DOTA 2: $10,000
Smash: 5x $1,000 Tournaments

Please note that when we announced our Winter Circuit in August we announced a $30,000 pool for League of Legends. Due to Riot’s Expansion tournament we can no longer justify that prize pool due to an expected decrease in viewership. This reduction has allowed us to expand to other E-Sports. We apologize to all the fans and players but hope that you prove our projections wrong.

Please direct any questions or comments to our Twitter page, our CIO David Fry , or our Public Relations Manager Walter Fedczuk and